About us

In 2000 Mr. RAR started Nileur Welding Services, working as a freelance
welding and fabrication engineer traveling the length and breadth of the
United Kingdom performing duties such as

•   Consulting

•    Training Welders

•    Fabricator and Pipe fitters incl. Pressure  Vessels

•    Skid Module inspections & installation


Before graduating as a multi-discipline engineer, Mr. RAR was a certified Multi-coded Master Welder, Master Craftsman, Structural & Plater Fabricator, Wet-welder and a Welder-guru.    Mr. RAR has to date released serval publications on welding.

As a natural progression Mr. RAR started writing specification, procedures including document repair, documents recovery such as transferring data from outdated formats to a new template he called X-Forms under the registered name “Nileur Custom-made Procedure (NCP)”.  This extension to Nileur Welding Service was mainly requested by specialist engineering, construction and manufacturing companies and as the word gets around many Fabrication companies start requesting the X-Forms also.

Over the years Mr. RAR has worked in     

•          The Nuclear-plant

•          Aerospace

•          Shipyards

•          Offshore-platforms

•          Sub-sea pipe layer barge

          Gas pipe lines


•          Building construction

         Bridge construction

         Geothermal plant

         Hydro-electric plant


         British Steel


         Oil &Gas industry

         Tank farms

         Pressure vessels fabrication

         Sailing ships construction


         Tunnel-boring projects

         Food processing plants

         Earth-moving machines manufacturer

         Motor car manufacturer

         Material Research & Development


         Welding Process Development

In January 2016 Mr. RAR merged Nileur Welding Service & NCP with the newly acquired company “Nileur Commodities & Production First (NCP1)*.


PO Negotiation_(Production)

PO Negotiation_(Services)

Mediate with Client

Line of communication
between Client and Engineering.

Client Specifications

Applicable Codes & Standards

NCPFIRST Document Procedure

NCPFIRST Inspection Procedure

NCPFIRST Lesson Learnt Guide

NCPFIRST QA & QC Procedures

► NCPFIRST HSE Procedures

► NCPFIRST Fabrication Specification

Document Preparation

Document Review

Document Customization

In-process Inspection

Procedure Qualification

Technical Management

► Skid-Module Fabrication

► Pipe Spool Fabrication

► Structural Fabrication

► Shut-down maintenance and Ship-yard Repair

► Engineering Material & Equipment Supply

In-Process QC Inspection

► NDE Inspection

Document Layout/Alignment

Document Trace-ability

Document Presentation

► Document Package Approval

► Project Quality Approval Sign-off

Line of communication between Engineering and Project Management

Packing & Pre-Shipment