Do I need to register to sign?

In most cases, No. However, some senders require their signers to register, in which case you will be required to register

for a free NCPfirst account. This helps to ensure your identity and protect against fraud.


Does it cost anything for me to setup and account?

No. It costs nothing to create an NCPfirst account.


From where do I download my NCP FirstPre-prepared Electronic Personalized Template?

Once you have gone through check out please upload a high quality coloured pdf of your,

Company Stamp, Company Logo, ISO 9001 QA number and your full company address.

Once your company details has been entered into the E-Doc you will receive an email confirmation to download the

electronic file immediately.  Please note the followings also 


(a) Please use your order number to access your download.

(b) Your down load will expire in 7 days after your first download

(c) Always use a copy of the original E-Doc, so that the original will be your master-copy

(d) NCPFIRST promotional text and Logo shall not be removed from any E-Docs


How do I upload documents to NCPfirst for Engineering Service or E-Doc personalization?

First you need to create an account __ then login to your private page where you can upload document or download your

personalized E-Docs.    NOTE:  You will not be able to upload documents without an account


Do I need Permission to convert E-Doc to Excel format?

No’ – you do not need permission to convert E-Docs to other programs to suit your client requirements


Are E-Doc available in other languages?

Yes” – you can request the translation by sending us a copy of your English E-Doc.  There may be a translation charge if

your language has not been previously translated in our system


Why EPC & Manufacturers prefers NCPFIRST__ WPS & PQR _X-Forms over ASME, AWS & EN forms?
NCPFIRST _X-Forms are designed for and in cooperates EPC, Manufacturer requirements and cover the requirements of
ASME and AWS in more detail, and is easier to review and make comments then that of the ASME and AWS forms. 
The XForms offer better traceability and specify the instructions for the welder and fabricator on a single sheet.


Does NCPFIRST X-Form increases the chance for a Fabricator to win the EPC or Manufacturers contract?

Yes” — Fabricator who uses NCPFIRST _X-Forms experience very little client comments and their documents are in most

cases EPC approved by Revision-1.   For example….. weld-books that are prepared by NCPFIRST are normally EPC

approved at Revision-0.   Properly documented documents confirms a Fabricator’s ability to deliver high quality projects

and documentation alike.


Do I need to buy a new X-Form for every project?

No” – once you have purchase the templates you need (i.e. WPS for Pipe, Socket weld, Structures, and PQR for Structures

and Pipe …. You only need to update the code references.  


What is the expiry date for NCPFIRST _ E-Docs?

There are no expiry date for E-Docs.   If there is a new release it will be showcased on ncpfirst.com.


Is it possible to edit the sketches and weld joint details in the X-Forms?

Yes” – if you double click on the sketch it will open in Microsoft Paint program, — there you have total editing control.


Are there other weld joints sketches available for WPS and PQR Templates?

Yes – you can send us a message and tell us which joints details you require


Does NCPFIRST offers other services too?

“Yes we do” – Please click the “Eng-Service” on the main menu bar, __ then click on the drop down arrow on the “Select

Subject description” box.  Choose your service description – then fill in the other boxes and send us a short message with

your request.    If your service description is not listed, – then select “Others”.